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Dungeon Human Ashtray Gimp - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent | Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Dungeon Human Ashtray Gimp - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent
Dungeon Human Ashtray Gimp - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent
Cybill Troy is entertaining her friend, Goddess Tangent and has her favourite gimp wrapped up in a latex bag, ready to please both Mistresses in any way they wish.

Being utterly helpless at the whims of two cruel Ladies has obviously made Miss Troy's gimp fearful, as she points out by berating him for not being hard in the presence of herself and her friend. She scolds her gimp for his soft dick, showing him a selection of her cocks and teasing him that while his cock is not ready, hers are always ready and always hard.

Cruel though she can be, Cybill Troy is also an expert in getting exactly what she wants from her gimp, to calm her gimp and also lull him into a false sense of security she and Goddess Tangent have a relaxing smoke, using the mouth of their compliant toy as a handy ashtray for their ash.

They take turns filling his lungs with their smoke, as they toy and tease with his mind and body. This lucky gimp has generous amounts of their spit filling his mouth and along with the cigarette ash is soon a messy, spit and ash covered little receptacle.

Cybill Troy and Goddess Tangent don't mind the mess that their toy has allowed himself to get into, tonight they have further, darker plans for his use beyond just being their ashtray and spit catcher.......

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