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Human Ashtray Gulag - Cybill Troy, Melisande Sin | Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Human Ashtray Gulag - Cybill Troy, Melisande Sin
Human Ashtray Gulag - Cybill Troy, Melisande Sin
The ultimate punishment for a poorly performing human ashtray is being so tantalisingly close to their duty but denied the actuality of participating.

Cybill Troy has placed her human ashtray in such a punishing predicament and along with her fellow Mistress, Melisande Sin, she will ensure that there shall be no enjoyment during this cigarette break.

Miss Troy and Miss Sin take delight in mercilessly teasing and tormenting their human ashtray, or more correctly, their human ashtray holder, as they have him knelt between them in the dark punishment cell and holding an actual ashtray for them that is fitted to a heavy ball gag in that mouth. A mouth that is oh so lacking in delicious exhaled smoke, discarded ash and the spit of his Mistresses.

Both Mistresses continue to torment their ashtray holder as they enjoy their cigarettes. Each flick of the ash landing in the ashtray and each exhaled breath of smoke are torturously out of range of their human ashtrays mouth.

As Cybill Troy and Melisande Sin are both very generous, they do allow their human ashtray to inhale the slightest wisp of their spent smoke. After all they have spent too much time spoiling this kneeling specimen and it’s time they once again leave him to the dark solitude of this punishment cell. But before they leave Miss Troy and Miss Sin have a delightful parting gift for their punished ashtray. An invigorating hosing down with freezing water. That will dampen any spark of enjoyment that he might have seized on and its good safety practice to ensure there’s no chance of any smouldering embers being left behind. All that’s left behind in that cell is a kneeling shivering, wet and cold collection of frustration and disappointment, wrapped in black latex.

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