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Black Leather Smoker - Lady Pascal | Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Black Leather Smoker - Lady Pascal
Black Leather Smoker - Lady Pascal
This clip was already released earlier, but we reedited it and you can get it now in FULL HD resolution! so if you bought already the earlier hd wmv version and are satisfied with it - dont buy it, but if you didnt catch it so far or are into really high res stuff, then its a must buy!

You will be breathless when you see Lady Pascal in her black leather outfit. A corset, skin tight trousers and a pair of classic, thigh high boots. She calls her slave because she wants to have a cigarette.

He seems to be new. As the mean lady blows the smoke into his face he coughs. "Oh, you are not a smoker", Lady Pascal says with a cruel smile, "but now you will become one!" She continues to explain that she expects his tongue very clean everytime he opens his mouth for the next load of ash.

Very hard for him because it's a long cigarette and Lady Pascal makes sure that she drops every single piece of the ash on his tongue. Again and again she makes him cleaning his tongue while she blows new smoke into his face. And then she starts to explain what she will do with the end of the cigarette...

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