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You Will Be My Ashtray - Mistress Cloe | Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

You Will Be My Ashtray - Mistress Cloe
You Will Be My Ashtray - Mistress Cloe
This clip was already released earlier, but we reedited it and you can get it now in FULL HD resolution! so if you bought already the earlier hd wmv version and are satisfied with it - dont buy it, but if you didnt catch it so far or are into really high res stuff, then its a must buy!

"Well slave, unfortunately I forgot an ashtray so you will be my ashtray now!", Mistress Cloe says as she lights up her cigarette. But that was only a rhetorical information. As she passed that slave on her way to the suites, the mean beauty knew she would stop and abuse that slave who is so nice attached to the stairrail by his collar.

Now, she stands on the stair, high above him. Cloe looks so hot and stunning in her skin tight jeans, black designer stiletto heels, a tight blazer and black leather gloves. She wears perfect make-up and she looks down at the slave with so much arrogance. "Open", she commands and drops her ash on his tongue.

Everytime he moans in pain she reminds him to keep quiet because she wants to enjoy her cigarette. She bends over and blows the smoke into his face. Isn't that a lucky slave who is so close to a stunning lady? But on the other hand, the painful end is just to come...

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