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Magical Forest Ashtray - Platinum's Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum | Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Magical Forest Ashtray - Platinum's Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum
Magical Forest Ashtray - Platinum's Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum
Ugh I can't stand this fucking pandemic! I cannot take being out at my mountain retreat... In the middle of fucking nowhere, any freaking longer! I'm going stir crazy!!!

Like, you think I'm normally crazy, scary... maybe a tad bit psycho?!?! Try being my personal lil toy, locked up with me in a house in the middle of nowhere... FOR MONTHS ON END! HAHAHahahaha... With little tiny ME!!! Terrifying!

{{{Not for me of course. Just thinking about it now gets my heart rate elevated!!!!}}}

Grrrr I need to do something!!!!! Hmmmmm what to do... what to do...

OHHHhhhhh, it's pretty chilly out... hehehe and ya know I have this hairless loser here that is used to the: 90% of the time, unbearable Vegas heat.

I always like to ensure my stupid sluts suffer for me... Make sure not a single sub human in My army of slaves forgets its place.. These pathetic inferior freaks need to never forget who owns them... ME!!!!!!
I make sure each and everyone of My bitches knows they are alllllll so easily replaceable.
I decided to get layered up and take My freak... I mean, pet... bitch, slut, whore... I took My belonging for a nice, refreshing, brisk, long, walk, NAKED, through My forest... oh and used it as a human ashtray.

I take it walking... nah more like crawling through My woods.

Watch Me entertain myself at My submissive beta bitch's expense.. Watch as I laugh at it freezing its non existent dick off... (As if it wasn't already freezing its ass off, dry)... LOL! ashing My in its mouth... using its head as a foot stool... used it, degraded it, humiliated it...

I thoroughly enjoyed taking my pet out to play! Now what can I destroy next?!?!

Goddess Platinum


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