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Slave Is Fed Spit On Food - Lola, Natalya | Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Slave Is Fed Spit On Food - Lola, Natalya
Slave Is Fed Spit On Food - Lola, Natalya
Lola is shooting a POV video for Natalya when they get so rudely interrupted. Their fat pig of a slave is hungry. He knows he is not allowed to eat unless his masters have blessed and spit on his food. So, like a good piggie he comes crawling in with his food bowl in his mouth. He is ready to beg and do ANYTHING for their spit. He is so hungry and wants to eat his bowl of fettucine alfredo. But what he really wishes he could get filled up on is their spit. We don’t know whats wrong with him. He is a fucking rabid beast who scavenges around the Brat Princess house begging for spit, food, piss. He is a fucking weirdo and if he could, he would live off of their spit. Is he worthy enough to get spit on food? Maybe if he begs hard enough. And oinks for us. When the fat pig finishes his meal he is humiliated because they make him sexually licking the bowl clean. This is the only action he is allowed to have. LOL pathetic. Now that they fed their ugly house pet they can go back to shooting. : )

Princess Crystal

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