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Mean Schoolgirl Bully: Miss Lexi - Miss Lexi Chase | Foot Worship

Mean Schoolgirl Bully: Miss Lexi - Miss Lexi Chase
Mean Schoolgirl Bully: Miss Lexi - Miss Lexi Chase
Miss Lexi Chase is a mean bully at school. She picks on all the girls that aren't as pretty or popular as her- which is EVERYONE. One poor girl's stepdad comes to talk to Miss Lexi about how she picks on his fat, ugly, nerdy stepdaughter "Betty", but...he is instantly in awe of Miss Lexi's beauty!

Miss Lexi can tell instantly that he is in love with her (ALL old men are!) and when she snaps her little fingers and points to the ground, he instantly drops to his knees before her. This 18 year old little girl has so much power over grown men...and she KNOWS it!

Soon Miss Lexi has this old man BEGGING her to KEEP PICKING ON his own little girl and says that she actually DESERVES it! He says he had no idea how beautiful Miss Lexi was when his stepdaughter complained about the bullying! But now that he sees how beautiful Miss Lexi is, he actually APOLOGIZES to Miss Lexi and AGREES that she has EVERY RIGHT to pick on "ugly people" that are obviously beneath her- including his own little girl!

Eventually Miss Lexi even skypes Betty so she can show off how she has reduced her "stepdaddy" to a groveling old fool for her! She makes "stepdaddy" literally bow down and kiss her little 18yr old feet, she makes him bark like a dawgg for her, and she even makes him tell his stepdaughter DIRECTLY that she will NEED to do WHATEVER Miss Lexi says from now on, or else she will need to find another place to live! He even threatens to take away her college fund if she doesn't obey Miss Lexi's every command from now on! This breaks Betty completely. She needs that college fund!

She agrees that she will now be doing ALL of Miss Lexi's homework, carrying her books, even shining Miss Lexi's pumps with her TONGUE every morning when Miss Lexi arrives at school- in front of EVERYONE at school! She will even be massaging her feet in class if Miss Lexi snaps her fingers and tells her to!

By the end of the video you can actually hear the old man's stepdaughter CRYING on the other end of the skype call as she witnesses first-hand her stepdaddy literally groveling at the feet of her school bully! All while Miss Lexi just LAUGHS and comes up with MORE things that she can do to BOTH the stepdaddy & stepdaughter! She wants to pick on them BOTH from now on for her entertainment- as well as the entertainment of all the other "popular" people she hangs out with at school!!

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