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Jenna Keeps her Cousins Cuck - Jenna Ivory | Foot Worship Ass Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Jenna Keeps her Cousins Cuck - Jenna Ivory
Jenna Keeps her Cousins Cuck - Jenna Ivory
Cuckoldress Cameron is on vacation. Shes left her cousin, Jenna, in charge of her cuckold. Jenna tells the cuckold to strip off his clothes. She examines his body. Nothing about his body is attractive. Jenna can see why hes a cuckold and not a real man. Jenna puts a new lock on the chastity. Now, the cuck is officially hers. Jenna lists off a set of rules regarding eye contact, cum swallowing, and human toilet training. She has the new cuck kiss her ass, then lick her shoes. The cuck licks the soles of Jennas black sandals. He sucks on the heels. Jenna uses the cucks tongue to clean her shoes. She spits in the cucks mouth, then tells him to worship her feet. Jenna fits her foot deep into the cucks mouth. She fucks his face with her toes. Jenna fishhooks the cucks mouth open with her big toes and spits into the hole. She tells the cuck that later in the evening he will be served a cream pie by her and one of her black bulls. This clip includes a bonus flashback of Cameron having her pussy worshiped by the cuck while eating dinner. Cameron serves the cuck French fries from between her toes.

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