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Modern Marriage (Pt 1 Stocking Stuffer) - Kendra James And Kiki Klout | Foot Worship

Modern Marriage (Pt 1 Stocking Stuffer) - Kendra James And Kiki Klout
Modern Marriage (Pt 1 Stocking Stuffer) - Kendra James And Kiki Klout
Slave girl Kiki is wearing a sexy outfit, high heels hands restrained behind her back, spoon in mouth, stirring dinner. Goddess Kendra's husband Bart is on his computer. Kendra comes through the door, dressed in corporate attire. She has had a long day. She is looking forward to an unexpected date with her bull. She is tired from a day's work but happy to see her team working for her. She kisses Bart on the cheek, without acknowledging Kiki. I'm sorry to have to do this to you but, I have a hot date tonight and BOY, do I need it. I will have to steal Kiki from you. Can you make dinner and clean the house? You know how things are. I need a good grooming before meeting up with the new stud. Kendra then instructs Kiki to remove her bondage gear. "You are on a new job now, dear." Bart takes over responsibility in the kitchen. Kendra sits at the kitchen chair. "Kiki," She says, you need to bath me and prepare me for a hot date. She shows a photo of a man with a big, hard dick to Kiki. This is waiting for me to tonight." Kiki giggles and says, "Yes, Mam." Then Kendra proceeds to tell her that she only has one pair of stockings and there is no time for hand washing. Kiki knows the drill. Kiki lays under Kendra's feet as she flexes her toes, Kiki sticks out her tongue and begins washing her stockings with her mouth. Kendra takes her stockings off and begins using Kiki's mouth as a washing machine. She teases her a bit here and there, laughing because she can tell that Kiki loves the smell of her stockings. She tells Kiki to pick up her dress and open her legs. She spreads her pussy with her fingers and laughs. "Look how wet you are?" All the while Kiki still has Kendra's stockings in her mouth. Kiki goes off, as instructed to start Kendra's bath. Before leaving the kitchen, Kendra tells Bart, "We've got a keeper with her. You should give her some play time while I'm gone." Bart smiles and says "Yes, dear."

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