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New Years Eve - Shoes, Socks And Foot Worship - Nicole | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

New Years Eve - Shoes, Socks And Foot Worship - Nicole
New Years Eve - Shoes, Socks And Foot Worship - Nicole
Nicole comes home in a good mood. After all, it's New Years Eve. It's time to fulfill desires and obedient slaves in festive packaging. She is greeted by two slaves anna and a nameless fat moron. She sees that they are dressed in santa hats to cheer her up. Well it seems they did it! She takes them to the living room where she will use their mouths as things. First, Nicole orders to clean her heels of street dirt. There were no problems with this stage, because the slaves are quite experienced, and besides, serving such a charming young girl as a purifier is their greatest reward. Then Nicole ordered to rinse white but very sweaty socks in slave mouths to freshen them up. When Nicole bared her foot the air smelled of sex. The smell of her feet made these nonentities work harder. Each of them wanted to stand out in front of the Mistress in order to get the opportunity to touch their useless tongue to the feet of the Goddess. But Nicole is not enough of an ordinary touch tongue. She wants to put their throats on her sweaty foot. Wants the tongue of these whores to hurt from trying to please Mistress. And when she finally gets what she wants these idiots are unnecessary. They must be disposed of as used condoms.

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