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Teasing The Tutor - Ashlynn Taylor, Sofie Reyez And Jason Ninja | Foot Worship

Teasing The Tutor - Ashlynn Taylor, Sofie Reyez And Jason Ninja
Teasing The Tutor - Ashlynn Taylor, Sofie Reyez And Jason Ninja
Sofie and Ashlynn are super bratty college girls who get whatever they want. They caught their teacher staring at their feet last time. They want to punish the pervert. They are sitting on couch, giggling and Sofie talks about the kinky stuff she wants to do to him, like getting him naked and teasing the fuck out of him. Ashlynn wants him naked and tied up. They start making out passionately.

Suddenly, teacher knocks and both girls answer the door. Girls have hands on their hips, confront him about his fetish and threaten to tell the principal. From now on he has to do whatever they want and be their slave.
They command him to strip completely naked. The girls react with cute open mouth expressions, like they can't believe their teacher is naked!

The girls caress his naked body with their nails, tweaking his nipples, lightly spanking him, and playing with his dick teasingly with their fingers and start making out again in front of the teacher.

They order him to get down and worship their feet. From now on, the girls mention how he has to be naked all the time for them and giggle. They make out on couch briefly while he worships their feet. Each girl has one foot in his mouth and the other foot teasing his dick. They playfully slap his dick around with their foot as he gets harder.

The girls notice tutor is too touchy-feely with their feet, so they they handcuff his hands behind his back.

The girls tease/deny him mercilessly with their hands all over his naked body. They edge his cock, playfully spank him, tease his nipples, sensually run their hands/nails all over him, and make out while they jerk his dick together. Just an all-out tease session and say things like "fuck yeah" and call him their "naked slave" while they tease his body...Include heavy CFNM humiliation and bratty talk.

The girls mention how sexy it would be to have teacher tied down to their the bed, so they use his dick as a leash and lead him to their bedroom...One girl spanks him along the way for fun....
Remove handcuffs and tie him down to the bed spread eagle!

Girls take turns getting on top of him and sensually rubbing their hands down his body, kissing each other, teasing his nipples and dick, while the other girl him to worship her feet.

Please include where both girls are on top of him, facing each other and jerk his dick together while passionately making out and pinching his nipples.
Also, they jerk his dick together with both their feet in his mouth,make out while jerking togethe...Lots of tease and denial!

Tutor begs to cum from all of the hot teasing/denial. The girls will only allow him to cum if he promises to be their slave after school everyday and be naked for them.

Ultimately, Sofie her feet in his mouth as she jerks him off onto Ashlynn's feet. The girls giggle as he cums everywhere. They order him to stay naked and tied up all night in their bed and scene ends with the girls making out and the teacher worshiping their feet.

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