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Lick The BOTTOM Of My Shoes (+Face Full Of Feet)! - Goddess Zephy | Foot Worship

Lick The BOTTOM Of My Shoes (+Face Full Of Feet)! - Goddess Zephy
Lick The BOTTOM Of My Shoes (+Face Full Of Feet)! - Goddess Zephy
I totally LOVE it when guys lick my shoes! The degradation is such a HUGE turn on and it shows devotion to me as the alpha goddess. Oh and, it also places you as the lowest rung on the slave totem pole. Basically "doormat" status, haha! Seriously, who gets a huge boner from getting on their knees and licking the bottom of a woman's shoe?? How pathetic can you be? Do you realize what I may have stepped in? I've been to the park, shopping and the gym in these sneakers. And WHAT THE FUCK is on the bottom?!?! I think it was some chewed up gum that someone spit out on the sidewalk, so I purposely stepped in it lmao!!! Plus I know for a fact I stepped in d*g sh** at the park a few days prior...I mostly scrapped it all off but I know there's still a faint scent of it, and maybe a speck or two still there. This is why I love foot boys--they are SO easy to manipulate. All I do is lift my shoe up and say, "lick it" and just the thought that they MIGHT get to worship my stinky feet makes them do it!!

I completely humiliate my dumbass slave while he licks the d*g off the bottom of my sneakers--making him show his erection and make "sexual sounds" as he licks and humps the couch lol. he almost cums when I wipe my stinky goddess feet all over his loser face but of course he's denied. Chastity makes my slave do ANYTHING I say, no matter how degrading! What a pathetic existence but hey, my shoes always look new (and degrading men turns me the HELL ON)!!

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