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Foot Intruder - Cleo And Jason Ninja | Foot Worship

Foot Intruder - Cleo And Jason Ninja
Foot Intruder - Cleo And Jason Ninja
Word has been going around about a female who injects her victims with a special serum that ends them if they cum. Her feet are particularly stinky and lethal and she takes great joy in making men smell them as she rubs their cocks through their pants to get them to cum. Jason is talking to his friend about it when the foot intruder suddenly enters his home and injects him. He soon finds himself at the feet of his assailant. She laughs as he has no escape as she smothers his face under her stinky scented soles till he meets his own demise. She laughs as his body is strwen before her as she unmercifully steps on his body and face to give him the ultimate humiliation.

Runtime: 00:10:12 * Type video: 1920x1080 FullHD (16:9) * File Size: 601 MB

Category: Foot Worship
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