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Toilet Humiliation - Lady Perse | Foot Worship Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Toilet Humiliation - Lady Perse
Toilet Humiliation - Lady Perse
Lady Perse likes a very clean toilet. But this lazy slave hasn't been cleaning Her toilet properly and he has left a condom on the toilet. Lady Perse won’t stand for laziness. So She will make him eat the used condom. She has him kneeling before Her and She will use him to clean Her toilet and use him as Her human ashtray. He also gets to put his head inside the toilet and clean it completely while Lady Perse flush the toilet. Such a filthy slave, isn't he?

Runtime: 00:10:00 * Type video: 1280x720 HD (16:9) * File Size: 183 MB
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