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Humiliating The Ceo (Part Three) - Princess Amber, Goddess Draya | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Humiliating The Ceo (Part Three) - Princess Amber, Goddess Draya
Humiliating The Ceo (Part Three) - Princess Amber, Goddess Draya
***This is the third part of "Humiliating The CEO" focused solely on Ballbusting - if you already own the "Full Clip" of "Humiliating the CEO" you already have this clip***

This creep has been working at Mean Girls Industries as a CEO for a long time. And we all know he just got their because of his White Male Privilege. Well eventually he got busted for hitting on some poor girl at the office and was reported.

As part of his punishment for mistreatment of Women, he was literally stripped naked and stationed in the Women's break room on his KNEES and with a CHASTITY DEVICE locked on his cock. The rules of his punishment? He has to do WHATEVER he is told by ANY Female that comes into the break room! Oh what fun this will be for all the women that work in the office when they come into the break room and find this former executive naked and on his KNEES, ready and willing to obey their every command! Miss Amber and Miss Draya decide to tease the old executive by telling him they will take his metal chastity cage off! The old man is soooo excited...until they complete cruuush his hopes by telling him that the only reason they taking it off is - TO KICK HIM IN THE BALLS!

Unfortunately, the former proud white male CEO has no he allows the bratty girls to take off his chastity device, then humbly spreads his let them kick him as hard and as many times as they want. And to add to his humiliation, he knows that all this pain is just "entertainment" to them while they are on their break!

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