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Executive Mistress Kendra (ENTIRE MOVIE) - Mistress Kendra James | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Executive Mistress Kendra (ENTIRE MOVIE) - Mistress Kendra James
Executive Mistress Kendra (ENTIRE MOVIE) - Mistress Kendra James

Executive Mistress Kendra Part 1: Paddle Punishment

Mistress Kendra James reviews her slave's performance with extreme displeasure. He has been slacking in his house boy and assistant duties, and developing a bit of an ego. She calls him in for a review. Mistress Kendra tells the slave about her dissatisfaction, and when she is met with bogus excuses, she decides he must now re-learn his place. The first thing she does to knock him down a few pegs, is paddle him. He is bent over and over her knee, she scolds and beats the ego right out of him, as his ass becomes more and more red and sore. He apologizes, but this will not change her mind on him learning his lesson today. After she is done, he is standing there rubbing his reddened ass in view of his Mistress. Somewhat satisfied, She sends him to get her lunch. This is only the beginning.

Executive Mistress Kendra Part 2 Sweaty Foot Punishment

Mistress Kendra James now has her punished house boy in chastity. He is really in for it. Nothing will reinforce who is in charge better than having no control of your manhood any longer. Kendra makes her slave worship her smelly stockinged feet and shoes. He is made to sniff her sweaty stench which is held so nicely in her beautiful stockings. Kendra instructs him every step of the way, and he BETTER keep up with her demands. She is so sexy and beautiful and he wants to please her and show her that he is sorry, so he does everything she says, no matter how degrading and humiliating it is. She gags him with her toes and enjoys his discomfort. He is under her spell and must please her. Kendra straddles him and stuffs her sweaty stockings into his mouth with her fingers and puts her hand over his pathetic mouth. This isn't over yet.

Executive Mistress Kendra Part 3 Foot Bitch

Mistress kendra James wants to see if her house boy is going to be a good obedient foot worshipping bitch now for her and continue to obey her perfectly. She decides to have him worship her feet and uses him as her human furniture. She instructs him to worship her high arches, toes and he does so without hesitation. This punishment is definitely working as he eagerly obeys. Kendra knows she has gorgeous, perfect feet and that they were made for worshipping and using human foot rests and it's about time that her house-boy respects that. She orders him to her bedroom, as she isn't finished with him.

Executive Mistress Kendra Part 4 Chastity Tease

Mistress Kendra James moves on to her third punishment for her houseboy, and that is chastity teasing. Mistress Kendra wants him to truly know how frustrating it will be for him to no longer have use of his pathetic dick, and she aims to really drive that point home. Kendra taps the key to his release on his cage as she tells him how things are going to be from now on. She seductively blows on his device and he can feel her warmth breath so close to his helpless imprisoned cock. She rubs her fingers through the bars. The sensations are driving him crazy but he will never be allowed out until she is satisfied with his progress as a new and improved slave. As a final act of punishment, Kendra drives her slave almost mad, as she gets her pussy so close to him and rubs it, making him smell her scent and taste her wetness off of her fingers as he tries to stroke himself through the device but cannot satisfy his strong need to cum. Kendra smiles as she tells him that he knows now who is in charge and who owns him.

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