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You Can't Run From Covid Or Me - Goddess Platinum | Foot Worship, Boot/Shoes Worship

You Can't Run From Covid Or Me - Goddess Platinum
You Can't Run From Covid Or Me - Goddess Platinum
So many slaves are stupid and clueless about what they are... and what they are is property, chattel, things, disposable... this idiot came with Me to the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat to be of use for whatever I needed... little did I know then that I'd test positive for Covid-19 as I was fully asymptomatic... but hearing this news put My property into panic mode and on the run fearing for it's life... why do slaves still think they can run from Me??? Stupidity knows no limits... so watch as I hunt it down, drag it back to My isolated lakeside cabin, and expose it to every bit of filth and phlegm it's worthless loser mouth could handle... it's worthless face smashed beneath My filthy Doc's... I wiped My feet on it like the trash it is and then dragged it to lick the rest of the filth from boots I value more than it's life.... hahahahaha..... After the thing had buzzed enough of My time trying to get My boots clean I decided I wanted to kick it's worthless ass in the head over and over, but not wanting to have to drag out it's body for something that happened accidentally... lol... I decided to lose the Docs before pulverizing it's face.... but nothing stopped Me spitting in this losers face over and over and laughing as I made it drink My gargled and spat out Red Bull to see if it's body's response is anywhere near as effective as My asymptomatic experience has been...

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