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Rooftop Foot Worship! - Steffi Anders | Foot Worship

Rooftop Foot Worship! - Steffi Anders
Rooftop Foot Worship! - Steffi Anders
Meet Stephanie Anders. She is a beautiful blonde girl next door type with freckles all over her body – SO HOT! She has amazing size 6 feet with incredibly high arches. WOW, talk about wrinkled soles – she’s GOT EM! You simply can’t take your eyes off them……or tongue, lol. In this video, she wears her Summer wedge shoes and gives you a nice tease. From there, she dangles her shoes off her feet and then shows you her high arches and wrinkled soles. Such a tease! I then have her lay on her stomach in the Pose Position and I provide you with nice close up shots of her soles from several angles. She’s a relative newbie, a total beach girl and she is VERY TICKLISH! There’s nothing like OILED SOLES! The oil makes the girl’s feet so shiny and sexy. It also brings out the detail on a girl’s feet especially if she has WRINKLED SOLES. In Stephanie Anders’ case, it’s a must! Watch her rub vasoline oil on the tops and bottoms of her feet and then she raises up her feet to show you her shiny soles. Look at how each wrinkle just pops out! It’s a WRINKLED SOLES LOVER’S DREAM COME TRUE! I could not wait any longer! It was like torture, lol, just waiting to run my tongue up and don those super wrinkled soles and high arches! Watch out though, she’s VERY VERY TICKLISH! While this isn’t categorized as a tickle video, there’s plenty of giggling and laughing while I lick her feet and ESPECIALLY when I lick in between each toe and tuck each toe. It’s a great sensual foot worship clip with a seriously HOT girl with amazing feet and really gets into the action! A really fun girl you will see lots more of. I also worship her feet in the Pose Position. Here is a seductive silent sensual foot tease outdoors on the rooftop! She knows EXACTLY what you guys like. That’s super soft wrinkled soles in your face. She starts off by teasing you in her flip flops and then slips them off slowly one by one. She has that INVITING look and way about her. She truly is ONE OF A KIND! This girls really knows what she’s doing. After that, it’s some toe pointing, toe wiggling and flexing her toes while wrinkling her soles for you. At the end, she says a cute little goodbye. Great natural lighting in this scene! She can get super high up on her tippy toes, like a ballet dancer. Now, it’ time for some outdoor foot worship on the roof and the deck at Jason Ninja’s house from Bratty Foot Girls. Since he’s moving to NYC, I had to get in one last ROOFTOP FOOT WORSHIP scene in! This is fantastic footage with awesome natural lighting. It’s in two parts. First, I lick her bare feet and suck her toes on top of the roof. Next up, she orders me to lick her bare feet and soles as she stands on her tippy toes right out of her flip flops! Great sweaty feet, too, since it was warm and muggy out that day. You’ll absolutely love these angles!

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