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You'll Pay, One Way Or Another - Goddess Chloe | Foot Worship Ass Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

You'll Pay, One Way Or Another - Goddess Chloe
You'll Pay, One Way Or Another - Goddess Chloe
Goddess Chloe is a high class escort waiting for client. She welcomes him and they sit together on her bench. After some small talk, Chloe asks for her payment before the fun can begin. The guy acts as if he doesn't have his wallet on him! Disgusted, she shoves him to the ground and yanks his pants down.

His wallet turns out to be hidden in his underwear. Goddess Chloe quickly goes through it to find only four dollars. She's pissed that this guy tried to scam her. She decides to teach him a lesson in humility. Chloe pulls her panties down and forces them into his mouth. The prone would-be client lays helplessly before her and she rubs her sweaty feet all over his face. The guy squirms as she alternates between slapping his face with her feet and pushing into his balls with her heels.

Picking up her phone, Goddess Chloe calls a friend of hers and describes the situation. She takes pictures of him in his precarious position and sends them to her friend as well. As a last insult she makes him jerk off in front of her. Right as he's about to cum, Chloe puts her hand out to catch it all. Chloe makes him lick her hand clean as she laughs and tells him not to pull this shit again.

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