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Learn Your Place - Extreme Facebusting - Ursula | Foot Worship

Learn Your Place - Extreme Facebusting - Ursula
Learn Your Place - Extreme Facebusting - Ursula
Gorgeous Ursula enjoys her holidays near the sea and she met a local guy, using him as her sex toy for the holiday period. Ursula is ready to go to swim in her hot bikini, but she realizes that is raining hard... She gets angry and the loser laughs at her, WTF! Who does he think he is, he was just her boy toy, but now he will learn his new place: he is now just her slave!

Ursula commands her boy toy to go on his knees and she tells him that she is very angry and she wants to kick his face. Before he even complains, Ursula starts to kick and footslap his face hard, making it red. She sees the fear in the loser's eyes and she already feels better! She gags him with her hand down his throat and she makes him worship her beautiful feet and of course she keeps kicking his face hard! She stands up and pushes him back and starts to give him some karate style kicks. She sticks her feet on his face and crushes it pressing, the poor bastard is crying!

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