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Tryout Slave Shakey - Goddess Brooke, Princess Beverly | Foot Worship

Tryout Slave Shakey - Goddess Brooke, Princess Beverly
Tryout Slave Shakey - Goddess Brooke, Princess Beverly
Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly are interviewing a potential new slave to find out what they can use him for and if he’s even worthy of being a slave for them. You can’t just expect to become one of the Mean Girls' slaves just because you "want to worship their feet". They have like a gazillion slaves already who would do anything just to be allowed the privilege of worshiping their feet! Princess Beverly is holding a clipboard in her hand as she interviews the kneeling, naked slave. The slave is so nervous that he can’t stop shaking haha. Princess Beverly says he’s shaking like a Chihuahua when you take it to the vet. They haven’t seen a slave this afraid of them in a long time!

Princess Beverly instructs the wannabe slave to keep kissing her feet as she continues interviewing it. "When are you available? What special skills if any do you have? Can you take a whipping, ballbusting, trampling? If so you might be useful with some additional training..." After the interview questions are over the slave is allowed to worship at Superior Goddess Brooke’s feet. Superior Goddess Brooke thinks he might actually make someone a halfway decent foot slave but she is personally more into beating her slaves for fun than making them worship her feet. (She likes making slaves suffer for her, and feels like worshiping her gorgeous feet is too much of an enjoyable experience for these inferior idiots.) And to prove her point even though this is just an interview, Superior Goddess Brooke simply can’t resist beating the slave at least a little bit so she improvises and beats him with her shoe a just for her amusement!

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