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Using My Financial Slave Underfoot - FULL MOVIE - Lady Carolina | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Using My Financial Slave Underfoot - FULL MOVIE - Lady Carolina
Using My Financial Slave Underfoot - FULL MOVIE - Lady Carolina

Shoe Worship And Humiliation

Bratty beauty Carolina returns home from hours of shopping, looking fantastic in her sexy dress and stilettos. She already texted her slave to be in the shoe cleaning position and when she comes back, she informs him that she spent 2000$ in shopping today, of course using his card. The poor financial slave is shocked, but Carolina reminds him his purpose for her, to use him as a wallet. And if he wants to be a good slave, he should start already cleaning her shoes with his tongue! Carolina makes her loser slave to worship her sexy stilettos and shine them and she abuses him and humiliates him under her shoes, until they are clean!

Foot Worship, Face As A Footstool and Foot Massage On Face

Carolina's amazing stilettos are clean and she commands her slave to remove them, just to use his face as a footstool under her big beautiful feet. Young Amazon Carolina puts some cream on her legs, with her slave underfoot and after she commands him to massage her feet. He sucks in massage, so Carolina puts cream on his face and massages her feet on it! After few minutes, her feet are soft and creamy, so she just keeps using her slave as a footstool, crushing his face under her sole without even notice it!

BRUTAL Trampling In Pantyhose

Even after so many hours of shopping, Carolina will not stay home. It was enough that she rested and had some sadistic fun with her slave. She puts her sexy black pantyhose and she is ready to go, but she receives a text that her girlfriend will late for some minutes. Carolina cannot wait, so she says to her slave to lay down for some trampling. Her slave complains that he paid all these money for her shopping and he was humiliated already, but of course Carolina doesn't care! She stands on him and starts to trample him brutally, crushing his dick under her feet and kicking his face many times. Carolina crushes her slave's throat under her feet and she stands full weight on his face and melts it. Young Fitness Princess destroys her slave under her feet, giving him a good taste of her nylons!

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