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Humiliating My Loser 2 - Goddess Zephy | Foot Worship, Pussy Worship

Humiliating My Loser 2 - Goddess Zephy
Humiliating My Loser 2 - Goddess Zephy
I am back home, totally sexually satisfied! I order my slave to lick my feet while I relax and think about the incredible fucking I just had with my hot boytoy. My lil cucky loser also has to lick my sweet, heavenly pussy clean after my stud's cock was just in there--licking any remaining cum and also sliding his tongue into my asshole, where I was also fucked. While dumbass is on his knees tongue serving, I lay down yet another goddess orgasm on his face from the immense power I wield! he can lick that up too, like a good lil cum dumpster. My life is the --I get fucked by the hottest guys, and have a little bitch to lick my feet afterwards!!

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