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There Is No Getting Out Of Chastity Cuck - Mia | Foot Worship |

There Is No Getting Out Of Chastity Cuck - Mia
There Is No Getting Out Of Chastity Cuck - Mia
Mia was proud of her cuck for washing her boyfriend’s truck. When she and her boyfriend were having sex, it was a really nice surprise for him to find out afterward that his truck had been cleaned. But Mia did some reflecting on it and realized later that her cuck probably only washed her boyfriend’s car while they were fucking because he thought he might be able to use it as a bargaining chip to get out of chastity. Her cuck tries to explain that that wasn’t his intention. Mia doesn’t believe him, and she really lays into the cuck for its selfishness. The cuck tries to make up for it by kissing his Princess’ feet. Mia is still hurt. She feels like the cuck only cares about himself and doesn’t care about her feelings. Mia spits in the cuck’s face and slaps him. She is really upset. Now he’s going to stay locked for an additional five weeks. The cuck again insists that he was not expecting a reward for washing the truck. He’s a liar! Mia knows that that is a lie. She is not dumb. The cuck really better think next time before he does something this stupid and selfish again. Just for good measure, Mia is going to fit him into a smaller chastity, just so that he can really be reminded and think about what he’s done. Everything that a cuck ever does should only be about making his Princess happy. A good cuck is completely selfless.

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