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Hooters Foot Fetish Friday - Princess Skylar, Goddess Platinum | Foot Worship

Hooters Foot Fetish Friday - Princess Skylar, Goddess Platinum
Hooters Foot Fetish Friday - Princess Skylar, Goddess Platinum
Skylar is the top-paid waitress at the Hooters in Vegas. Her new manager that was just sent in from "corporate" can't figure out why though?? She is lazy, rude to customers, and on this particular Friday she is literally just relaxing in a booth and texting on her phone when she should be working!

When her manager finally confronts her to ask what she thinks she's doing, Skylar tells her "not to worry about it" and that today is "Foot Fetish Friday" at this Hooters. Its a program she implemented awhile back- and it makes her so much money that she barely has to even work anymore.

Basically all Skylar does now is put her feet up and let all the "foot freaks" come groveling to her, begging for her stinky feet, and PAYING her ridiculous amounts of $$$ just to sniff and kiss her feet right out of her old, dirty work sneakers. Skylar's manager can't believe it! That is ridiculous, she says. "No one would actually pay for that!"

Just then, the "first foot wierdo of the night" comes rushing in and throws himself at Skylars feet- BEGGING her to let him have just a few kisses on her perfect feet, and asking if he is "her first foot customer of the night"? She assures him that he is, and - to her manager's amazement - she snatches a $100 bill out of the loser's hands like it is nothing!

And soon the "foot freak" is sniffing and kissing Skylar's smelly, sweaty socks- while her and her manager laugh right in his face and talk about how easy it is to take his money, like he isn't right there listening to every word as they insult him! Skylar even brags to her manager that she doesn't even have to be "nice" to these customers- she can treat them like DIRT and they still come crawling back for more, and BEGGING to give her more $$$ just to kiss her feet after they have been sweating all day inside her tennis shoes, wool socks, and tan stockings!

She laughs about how she walks around now, just thinking about how much MONEY the sweat between her toes earns her is like liquid gold to these foot freaks! Especially since Skylar is known for having the oldest shoes and stinkiest feet in the entire Hooters! She even makes this customer PAY her just to lick the "chicken grease" off the soles of her old work shoes!!

After just a few minutes of being literally WORSHIPED by this foot-loser, Skylar has already earned more than a lot of the other waitresses do in an entire WEEK of actually "working" and kissing the asses of "normal" customers!

Skylar's manager wants to get in on she shoves HER foot into the foot-freak's mouth and takes some of his money...and then she begins wondering aloud if she should suggest to corporate that they implement this "Foot FetishFriday" promotion at all Hooters nation-wide!

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