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Locks Foot Bitch Teacher In Chastity Part 2 - Amadahy | Foot Worship |

Locks Foot Bitch Teacher In Chastity Part 2 - Amadahy
Locks Foot Bitch Teacher In Chastity Part 2 - Amadahy
Amadahy suspects that her Professor, Puckerman, is a pervert. Shes been feeling uncomfortable in his class. A female student should never be made to feel uncomfortable by a male teacher. Amadahy has the right to wear skirts as short as she wants. Shes not going to change that. Amadahy has a solution to Puckermans problem. Perverted Professor Puckerman is going to have to go into chastity. Amadahy makes Professor Puckerman strip. He kneels before her, naked. She inspects the chastity shes about to lock him into. Amadahy places the ring around Puckermans manhood. The chastity is very tight. Amadahy locks it into place. She can now do whatever she wants and Puckerman isnt allowed to be a pervert and get hard. Amadahy teases Mr. Puckerman with her shoes. She tells him that she cant wait to wear his key around her ankle. Amadahy makes Mr. Puckerman kiss her shoes. Then, Mr. Puckerman sniffs his students socks. Professor Puckermans chastity is hurting him really badly. Amadahy takes off the socks and tells Puckerman to worship her feet. She knows Puckerman loves feet. Amadahy tells Puckerman to lie on the floor. She fucks his face deeply with her foot. Mr. Puckerman complains that hes in pain. Amadahy tells him that hes only in pain because hes a pervert. Professor Puckerman is desperate for feet. It would be so easy to turn him into a toilet. Hes already laying on the ground with his mouth wide open. Amadahy realizes that Mr. Puckerman would make the perfect bus toilet for the female swim teams away meet. They are really going to need a toilet on the long school bus ride, and Puckerman will be perfect for the job. Amadahy knows the female swim coach isnt going to stop them. All women are against Puckerman.

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