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Ivory Transforms Her Professor Into Her New Foot Slave Part 2 - Princess Ivory Soles | Foot Worship

Ivory Transforms Her Professor Into Her New Foot Slave Part 2 - Princess Ivory Soles
Ivory Transforms Her Professor Into Her New Foot Slave Part 2 - Princess Ivory Soles
Ivory is in serious danger of failing out of one of her college courses and her professor calls her to his desk after class to inform her that she has to pass her next test or fail the class.

While speaking with her Professor, she notices him staring at her feet, so she comes up with a great idea that can really help with her situation. Ivory than asks her Professor if he could possibly come by her place to help her study for tomorrows important test. Hesitantly, her Professor agrees, seeing that she is really trying to make an effort.

Ivory's Professor finally arrives to what he thinks is going to be a study session, but Ivory has different plans for her Professor.

As soon as the Professor enters the room, she instructs him to remove his clothing, unless he wants the entire university to know about his secret foot fetish.

Ivory than explains to the Professor that she is going to make all of his dreams come true and he is going to become her foot slave as long as she gets straight A's for the remainder of the semester. As Ivory speaks, her Professors eyes remain glued to her bare feet as he agrees to her terms.

Ivory than instructs her Professor to begin worshiping her feet, licking and sucking one toe at a time and licking from her heels to her toes, while she teased his exposed cock with her other foot.

Ivory brings the Professor to her bedroom to find restraints attached to the bed and waiting for him to be strapped in. He always had the feeling that Ivory was kinky, but this was the proof he needed.

Ivory continues having him worship her foot, while the other foot continued to tease his exposed cock, but Ivory has something very special planned for him. She unhooks his wrists and tells him that she wants him to jerk off on her bare feet, so he begins stroking his cock excitedly, not to let his new Princess down. Her Professor begins begging to blow his load over and over until she finally agreeing as she places her bare feet right under his cock. Suddenly, his cock explodes with massive load after load of cum, completely soaking Ivory's feet.

This is not the last that Ivory and her Professor play now that she has a new Foot Slave to continue training.

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