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Built-In Foot Slave - Princess Carmela, Goddess Platinum | Foot Worship

Built-In Foot Slave - Princess Carmela, Goddess Platinum
Built-In Foot Slave - Princess Carmela, Goddess Platinum
Goddess Platinum and I are just getting over a hangover when we finally wake up and she mentions about how it really helps her recovery to have her feet worshiped. When I mention that yeah, it would be great to have a slave right here to worship them, she says she DOES have a slave here! I ask her "where??" So it turns out she KEEPS A SLAVE STORED UNDER HER BED! LOL We go to look, and when Platinum snaps her fingers, a slave pops out from under the bed and opens its mouth for us to just simply shove our feet into! Whatta GREAT idea!! So we both basically take turns shoving out feet into this loser's mouth and gagging it on our feet until we feel better. Poor thing chokes on our feet a few times- but it really has no choice.

Apparently Platinum has it chained in unde there so it can't get out even if it wanted to! Although it obviously doesn't. Who wouldn't want to be locked under our bed while we sleep just a couple feet above you? And you never know when you might be hearing the snap of our fingers, demanding our feet be worshiped! Whatta great life for a loser like this I fact, we even make him literally BEG to be kept down under there forever for us! haha

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