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Big Nasty Surprise - Princess Skylar | Foot Worship |

Big Nasty Surprise - Princess Skylar
Big Nasty Surprise - Princess Skylar
Princess Skylar has recently blackmailed her older brother into being her full-time slave and taken some incriminating photos that she threatens to show his football buddies, if he doesn't do exactly as told. The scene opens with Skyler on the couch a coy smile on her face, as she spreads her legs you can see cum has dripped out of her pussy all the way down her legs right down to her ankles. She comments what an amazing fuck she just had and then calls her brother from the next room. She tells him that she has a task for him and she makes him get naked. He resists at first but she reminds him that he has no choice. He reluctantly gets undressed and crawls over where she shows him all the cum on her legs. She tells him how awesome her Stud was and mocks him about how little his cock is compared to her lovers. He seems to be rushed licking up the cum, probably just wanting to get it done, but she tells him it's a privilege and she wants him to slow down and see that he's enjoying it. She describes her sex in detail, how her boyfriend made her get on all fours, how she loves it when he takes her from behind and fuck her hard. She points to spots he's missed on her legs and it's clear that he is going to have to lick up every single drop of the massive load of cum that has leaked from her.

The dynamics of her relationship with her brother get Skylar so aroused that she slides her panties to the side exposing her pussy which she starts to play with. She scolds her brother for wanting to look and tells him that is not appropriate. Again she talks about her lovers big fat cock and how maybe next time she'll make her brother watch. "Watching your sister get railed by a big black cock, imagine that.", she laughs. "Maybe you can clean his cock with your mouth after he fucks me.", she tells him, adding that he's a "gross dirty little man. "Maybe I'll have him fuck me in the ass and when he pulled his cock out you'll have to lick that clean also.", she giggles. As her brother diligently licks she laughs and says "The funny thing is you have no choice you have to do everything I say, from now on, and for the rest of your life.

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