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The Loser Of The Office (Full Movie) - Lady Annabella | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship |

The Loser Of The Office (Full Movie) - Lady Annabella
The Loser Of The Office (Full Movie) - Lady Annabella
Lady Annabella - The Loser Of The Office - FULL MOVIE

Curvy Annabella is the boss of a company at this young age, because she doesn't tolerate the losers. She walks over them and works with worthy people that get the job done. In her new office she had to hire fast some crew, but in just few days she knew who will stay and who will be kicked out. The only one that took a second change is a middle aged loser, just because he is so pathetic that entertains Annabella! But today he did a second big mistake and of course the strick boss is not happy at all.

Stiletto High Heels Worship And Humiliation

Annabella calls her employee and announces to him that he is useless and he cannot take one more change, he is fired. But he starts to beg her that he is absolutelly desperate for money and he really needs the job, even if he has to take half money for this month because of his mistakes. Annabella agrees, but his position will not be the same, but he will be her office slave.

He asks what he has to do and Annabella tells him that he has to obey every order she gives. She tells him to go on his knees and shows her sexy high heels to him, telling him to clean with his tongue. The poor guy is shocked, but Annabella shows him the door and he starts to lick! She cannot believe how pathetic he is, she humiliates him verbally and she guides him how to lick and suck her shoes. Annabella crushes his face under her high heels and uses his face as a rug. When her stilettos are finally clean, she wipes them to dry on his skirt and she commands him to remove them.

Lady Annabella - The Loser Of The Office - Stiletto High Heels Worship And Humiliation

New Footbitch - Foot Worship, Domination And Humiliation

The new office slave is so submissive, Annabella is happy to find the correct position in the company. Now her shoes are clean and she wants some foot pampering, so she commands him to kiss and lick her sexy feet. He tries to negociate about it, but he finds the foot of his boss on his face and he obeys. Annabella trains her new footbitch how to worship her feet properly and of course she humiliates him and abuses his face underfoot. She kicks his face to be better and she rubs hard her soles on his face and footsmothers him. After some more foot worship on the floor, Annabella relax her long legs with her feet on the office and commands her footslave to worship them, as she inspects his job and guides him properly!

Lady Annabella - The Loser Of The Office - New Footbitch - Foot Worship, Domination And Humiliation

Foot Worship, Face As Footstool And Ignore POV (WIDE CAMERA)

Annabella is satisfied of the progress of her new office slave and she had fun training and dominating him, but now she is bored of him, so she tells him to lay on the floor and be her footstool. She covers his face under her sexy feet and she ignores him while she massages slowly her soles all over his face. She crosses her long legs with his face underfoot and smothers him without even notice it. Her feet are dry after massaging them on her slave's face, so Annabella commands him to lick them, while she moves them slowly all over his face!
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