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Who Owns You? - Goddess Amadahy | Foot Worship

Who Owns You?  - Goddess Amadahy
Who Owns You?  - Goddess Amadahy
Looking more pretty than ever, her lean body gaining muscle, Goddess Amadahy locks on to the human pain cushion, Chad. She taunts him in a throatscissors for his grey hair, asking him a question he can't answer because her adductors are crushing his windpipe. Amadahy is an outstanding athlete, showing off her flexibility and power in a rear naked choke, leaning back as Chad hangs on and taps. She cinches on the hold, making Chad cough hard. Another throatscissors from the supreme domme whose swimmer legs crush Chad, turning him purple and making him gag. A bodyscissors. "I wanna feel if I can crack your ribs yet," says the girl with one of the most devestating bodyscissors anywhere. She gets him in a hammer lock and puts her knee on his neck like a cop. She unties his belt and uses it for leverage in a front headscissors with HOM. A figure four headscissors, a guillotine leg choke that shows off the athlete's perfectly cut quad. Goddess Amadahy's legs control much of the action here, throatscissors after throatscissors -- more straight headscissors -- then the hard drop of her legs onto his neck as Amadahy makes karate noises and laughs a wicked laugh finally snapping her ankles together. She front facesits him, then has tall girl Mishka come over to help hurt his ribs. Amadahy slaps him in the face while her friend crushes his ribs, then The Goddess locks him in a reverse headscissors. She pours on a throatscissors while Mishka pins him. They verbally and physcially humiliate him. Amadahy makes him clean the bottom of her foot with his tongue then forces him to open his mouth for a brutal foot gag in which she holds his nose and forces from him gagging sounds. An armbar by Goddess almost snaps Chad's arm at the elbow. "Don't break my arm, please Goddess!" Mishka chimes in, telling him "Just a little bit of pressure and it's going to be broken," then panics him by sitting her curvy, 5'10" frame on his chest and pressing down -- HOM, as Amadahy's legs constrict. "Destroy that little bitch," Mishka says with Amadahy tying Chad up in her arms and legs as he goes blue.

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