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Mali Foot Domination - Female Feet Domination | Foot Worship

Mali Foot Domination - Female Feet Domination
Mali Foot Domination - Female Feet Domination
In the first part, Matilde is tied up and gagged on the floor. Mali tells her she is there because she was searching valuables inside her house and she found nothing. She finds Matilde very attractive, so she starts playing with her.

Mali takes off her high heels shoes and puts her bare stinky feet over her face, rubbing slowly the toes over her nose. Matilde can only make muffled screams under the tape and smell the odour of feet of a young and beautiful asian teen.

The foot humiliation continues for several minutes. Mali sometimes changes her position, but Matilde has only to stay under her stinky feet, smelling them.

In the second part Matilde gets to know her husband Gianluca has a clandestine relationship with their young friend Mali. Both women get upset when they get to know this, so they decide to give him a punishment.

Gianluca enters the room and surprised, sees Mali and Matilde together. He asks them what are they doing there, but the women catch him and throws him on the floor. They put their stinky feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose, making him to smell them and pushing them tight. Gianluca begs his lovers to let him go, but they don't listen to him and continue their punishment.

After a hard foot smelling and smother, the two women drags the poor man on the couch and continue pushing their feet in pantyhose over his mouth and nose. Mali has no mercy and rubs her foot very tight, making him feel pain and sometimes she hits his cock with the heel of the other one.

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