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Violetta's Flats Unique Taste - Under Girls Feet - Goddess Violetta | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Violetta's Flats Unique Taste - Under Girls Feet - Goddess Violetta
Violetta's Flats Unique Taste - Under Girls Feet - Goddess Violetta
Goddess Violetta is certainly one the most outstanding women out there. She is not only gorgeous but also tall, wealthy and successful. Any person who sees her, feels inferior immediately. Basically, it’s impossible not to notice her presence. Many girls want to be like her and many men would do anything for her attention. Violetta’s beauty, however, can only be compared to her cruelty towards her slaves. Making them perform several humiliating tasks gives Violetta a great sense of power. Today, her poor victim is the little Tiffany, who accepted being Violetta’s personal foot slave in exchange for some food. The Goddess is always taking advantage of the girl’ poverty and each day plans new ways to degrade Tiffany to amuse herself. In this video, Mistress Violetta places her very dirty black flats in front of Tiffany’s face and commands her to start licking the filth. She wants them to be completely spotless before she can put them back in her closet. Tiffany tries her best to swallow all the dust and mud stuck on her Goddess’ flats soles while Violetta just mocks and laughs at her mercilessly. Violetta considers that Tiffany is a privileged girl who has the honor of eating the dirt from her shoes and she also believes this is the only job Tiffany is good for. After her flats are clean enough, Violetta removes her shoes and makes her slave girl inhale the strong smell emanating from them. The poor girl can barely breathe but Violetta doesn’t care. Next, the Goddess wants to feel Tiffany’s soft tongue on her precious bare soles so that it can remove every piece of sweat and grime accumulated in them, especially between her toes. At the end, Violetta orders Tiffany to lay down on her back to use her face as a footstool. The slave girl keeps cleaning Violetta’s feet from the floor since the Goddess hasn’t told her to stop.

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