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Mean Schoolgirl Lexi Chase - Part 2 - American Mean Girls - Miss Lexi | Foot Worship

Mean Schoolgirl Lexi Chase - Part 2 - American Mean Girls - Miss Lexi
Mean Schoolgirl Lexi Chase - Part 2 - American Mean Girls - Miss Lexi
Miss Lexi is the hottest girl in school- and she KNOWS it. The entire school worships the ground she walks on and literally caters to her like royalty. Since she turned 18 a few months ago she has unleashed her power over men and she LOVES using her beauty to get whatever she wants. In Part 1 she already took "ownership" of nerdy Betty's step-dad and made him into her love slave. (He dared to come to the school to complain to Miss Lexi about picking on his poor little nerdy Betty..but fell in love with Miss Lexi instantly and threw himself at her feet...)

Miss Lexi decides to FURTHER his humiliation just so she can use it to torment Betty even MORE! She makes Betty's step-daddy deliver Betty's HER! She makes him present it to her on his knees, just so she can film it and send it to Betty while mocking her for what she is doing to Betty's pathetic stepdaddy. She makes him beg at her little 18 year old feet like a fool for her just for laughs!

Then she even FACETIMES Betty! Just so she can mock her LIVE and in real-time! Miss Lexi wants nerdy Betty to see what she can make her stepdaddy do for her and that the power she has over him has NO BOUNDS. She makes him kiss her feet and BEG for her- while she simply responds by KICKING HIM IN THE FACE.

Then she makes him strip naked, stand up before her, and literally spread his legs nice and wide- just so she can KICK him in the BALLS and laugh! She makes Betty watch on facetime as she kicks her stepdaddyright in the balls! Betty HATES it and BEGS her to stop doing this to her stepdaddy! But her stepdady says it is "alright" and that Miss Lexi is so beautiful that she can do whatever she wants to him. He warns Betty that SHE needs to keep doing whatever Miss Lexi says too!!

Miss Lexi even laughs that she is filming this just so she can post it on her OnlyFanz and make MORE MONEY from kicking Betty's stepdaddy right in the balls! Miss Lexi already makes more money in a month from her Fan page than Betty's stepdaddy makes at his stupid job! And all she has to do is look hot, kick pathetic old men in the balls, and film it! But she still wants all his money so Betty won't get ANY! People will let Miss Lexi do ANYTHING she wants to them just because she's so hot.

She is using this old man that is literally twice her age like a fool. But he doesn't care. Miss Lexi is SO beautiful! There is a reason she "rules the school".

This clip is SO cruel....its a must-watch!!!

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