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Teacher Isabelle Controls Her Pupil With Feet - Isabelle And Lorena | Foot Worship

Teacher Isabelle Controls Her Pupil With Feet - Isabelle And Lorena
Teacher Isabelle Controls Her Pupil With Feet - Isabelle And Lorena
The teacher Isabelle is new on Brazilian Girls school. She is a gorgeous blonde young girl. She has a very light skin and blonde black hair. She is tall and has a delicious perfect body. Her face is so beautiful. She has the classic beauty of the classic movie’s actresses. She uses elegant glasses that makes her even more classic. She is a stunning blonde, hot and naughty. Perfect. Lorena one of her students and she is going bad on class. She needs a help to increase her performance or she will fail. Lorena comes over the teacher’s office to ask it for her teacher. Teacher Isabelle realize that Lorena needs a lot of help and realize that she can do anything for that too. Teacher Isabelle like to take advantage of their young students. She likes to have her feet worshiped. Teacher Isabelle puts her feet up on the desk. Isabelle is using a marvelous black pointy high heel. She orders Lorena to take her shoes off. Lorena is a foot fetishist and notices that can be the best punishment for her. Lorena takes off Isabelle's shoes and fall in love when she realizes how pretty and delicate is her teacher's feet. Lorena get Isabelle's feet on her hands and kiss and lick the point of her toes very gently. Lorena lick between every perfect toe of her teacher. Teacher Isabelle is liking that and orders her to suck all toes of her delicate feet. She also orders Lorena to lick her pink and soft soles. Lorena is hungry for Isabelle's toes and puts all of them inside her mouth at the same time. Isabelle orders to Lorena to suck every toe one by one. Lorena lets Isabelle's toes very wet and clean. After Teacher Isabelle gets satisfied, she orders her pupil to puts her shoes. Isabelle prefers keep her foot fetishist pupil close to her. Lorena overcome her goal. She passed the year. The scenes between them are really hot. They really like what they do.

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