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Smother Balloon - Mistress Gaia | Foot Worship |

Smother Balloon - Mistress Gaia
Smother Balloon - Mistress Gaia
I have my slave at the foot of my throne, and I'm going to enjoy using him for a bit of fun. I have a large balloon that I will use as my toy. Of course, my bitch doesn't know yet that he's going to suffer. I sit on him and use my feet to smother his mouth to keep him quiet. Then I get out the balloon and begin to blow it up. It's very large, and with each breathe I have to blow into it very hard. It's amazing to see how large it becomes. Just the job for what I have in mind for my slave. I roll the balloon around in my hands and show it to my slut. There's some glee in his eyes, but not for long. I quickly place my balloon over his face and head and sit on it. Of course being made from latex, it fits tight around his face and there's no way he can breathe. My slut can only gasp for air, as I press down and bounce on the balloon. I change position placing the balloon on his balls and bouncing on it. What a blast, and a great way to enjoy myself as I continue to make my bitch suffer under my breathtaking smother balloon. Breathe in for me...


Ho il mio schiavo ai piedi del mio trono, pronto per subire i miei tormenti per il mio assoluto piacere. Ho anche gonfiato un pallone molto resistente, con cui mettero in atto un bellissimo gioco scaturito dalla mia sadica fantasia. Mi siedo su di lui, e con i miei piedi gli tappo la bocca. E' il momento di mettere in atto il mio gioco, mi siedo sul pallone poggiato sul viso del mio schiavo. Il pallone, essendo in lattice si adatta perfettamente al suo viso impedendogli di respirare. La mia puttana puo respirare solo quando mi diverto a rimbalzare sul pallone. E' davvero divertente questo gioco, ed il mio schiavo puo respirare solo grazie al mio volere. Respira per la Tua Padrona schiavo, per Mistress Gaia…

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