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Oral Servitude Through Nylons - Mistress Luna | Foot Worship |

Oral Servitude Through Nylons - Mistress Luna
Oral Servitude Through Nylons - Mistress Luna
I am wearing a very sexy pantyhose and I feel very sexy as well!I am going to use you, My pantyhose bitch, for My pleasure! You are wearing nice nylons, 15 Den, so I can see your clity trough the material! I am going to drive you crazy today: will tease you so much ….First, I give you My gorgeous stilettos, to sniff : after a wear it long time, My foot in nylons sweat inside and now, the stilettos are impregnated with a very arousing perfume ...Sniff it all boy! Is your little clity starting to ,,wake-up,, ? ...hahaha...and this is just the beginning of your ,,ecstasy and agony,, journey today ! Now, after you inhale all the sweet perfume you may start worship My feet in nylons ….yess, lick My soles, suck My toes and kiss My ankles...I love it … I guess your clity is struggling under the nylons ...that's good ! To have My feet worshiped is always arousing for Me, so, I feel I want more: more pleasure for Me and more frustration for you! So, come , get closer to My magic triangle, this small piece of nylon who is covering My Sanctum must start licking and give Me satisfaction with your tongue...yes, oral servitude trough the nylons totally exciting for Me, I will have an orgasm soon....and I guess is arousing for you too: because the nylons let My pussy juices pass trough, so you can test My sweet nectar mixed with nylons smell ...what a heaven for a nylons boy , isn't? And, because I am in ,,devilish,, mood today, I don't want to stop here, I want to tease you even more , so I will order you to lick My ass trough the nylons ! Before we start the film, I was using the bathroom and let My ass ,,half whipped,, by intention : so now, when you start clean My ass, you get a splendid mixtures of aromas: My ass My orgasm and this gorgeous nylons … I get My second orgasm and now, you must go ...I finish with you for today may go ...haha..but oh, what you get there inside your pantyhose? - huge erection , as I can see bad for you, because you don't get something else today! As for Me: mission accomplished: I get My orgasms, I use you, I tease you ! I enslave you forever by day your addiction become stronger and stronger : I am your addiction!

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