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Suck My Toes, Step-Daddy! - Princess Aryal | Foot Worship

Suck My Toes, Step-Daddy! - Princess Aryal
Suck My Toes, Step-Daddy! - Princess Aryal
Bratty Princess Aryal is talking on the phone to Her besty, complaining about how much Her perfect little feet hurt because She spent all day buying things on Her step-Daddy's credit card. Since She says "he'll do anything for me", Her friend suggests that he give Her a foot massage. She calls him in and he gladly obliges, but She tells him to take off Her socks; with his teeth, and then to suck Her pretty little toes. He does, but grazes Her delicate peds with his teeth, leading to a vicious foot slap to his face. This proves to be the first of many, because although the dope tries to follow orders and to get her "entire foot" down his throat, he can't seem to avoid the teeth. She holds his head down with one foot, while aggressively shoving Her other down his throat, gagging him repeatedly. Finally, Princess decides that She's had enough of this, and it's time for step-Daddy to graduate to licking Her pretty, perky little ass.

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Category: Foot Worship
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