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Tought Afternoon 1 - Madame Sarka | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Tought Afternoon 1 - Madame Sarka
Tought Afternoon 1 - Madame Sarka
Waiting for a Goddess like Madame Sarka is a reward in itself. The young slave in this clip knows all about it: sitting on his knees, arms spread behind his back and locked in chains for three hours, waiting for his Madame. But it's worth the wait! Madame Sarka looks stunningly beautiful in a black and white corset, leather skirt and high heels. She teases Her novice slave and teaches him how to kiss and lick Her beautiful feet the proper way. Madame Sarka kicks his balls and squeezes his nipples to make him understand and the poor young slave is sweating all over place. His eyes almost pop out of his head and his agony is very real. But there's no better teacher than Madame Sarka and She breaks the remaining bits of resistance with ease and teaches him how to obey without thinking. It's such a lovely and powerful clip and you will definitely enjoy each and every second of it.

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