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Long Hot Summer Boots - Princess Amber, Ms. Lexi Chase | Foot Worship Boot/Shoes Worship

Long Hot Summer Boots - Princess Amber, Ms. Lexi Chase
Long Hot Summer Boots - Princess Amber, Ms. Lexi Chase
Princess Amber and I were hanging out by the pool at the Manor the other day while this bald loser slave was being used to fetch Us drinks and cater to Our whims. After getting a bit bored of taking selfies and rubbing this loser's face in the fact that it would never be good enough to be with any Girl like Us, We decided to fuck with it quite a bit more as We both know how addicted to feet it is. (How does that last sentence not make any of you freaks like this thing feel so pathetic I'll never know.... who likes feet other than beta bitch losers???)

So while We are sitting there ignoring this thing, I decided to give it a chance to earn the right to worship Our perfect feet. But to do so, it would first need to lick, clean, and worship the filthy bottoms and sweaty insides of Our sexy hot leather boots. I made this loser crawl over and show Me how it could suck the heel like it was a tiny little slave micro dick. I shoved My spiked stiletto down its throat and laughed as it choked trying to avoid gagging on it. Now stick out your loser tongue slave so I can wipe the dirt and grime from the bottom of My boots across you tongue to clean them... Ewwww, what a nasty disgusting piece of garbage.... could you ever imagine actually kissing a guy who had licked the crud off the bottom of your boots... GROSS!!!

But We weren't even close to done with this loser. Amber had Her turn making this thing clean and lick Her boots as well, and We nearly made it cry as it begged to get to touch Our perfect feet once We were satisfied with the boot cleaning. Beg for it slave boy... c'mon beta, tell Us how much your life revolves around licking the feet of your Superiors.... what a worthless loser...

Get the clip to see if this thing's nasty lips ever did get to touch Our perfectly pedicured toes.. Remember, you exist to please Us loser, not the other way around wimp...

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