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AW - Kenny Gets Punished Part All (Ass Worship) - | Face Sitting Ass Worship Pussy Worship

AW - Kenny Gets Punished Part All (Ass Worship) -
AW - Kenny Gets Punished Part All (Ass Worship) -

AW - Kenny Gets Punished Part 1 (Ass Worship)

Roxy is extremely upset because her boyfriend kenny didn't come home last night. She's sitting on the couch with her dear friend, Kate, and venting about how inconsiderate he has become. Then kenny shows up with some fake roses and this makes Roxy even more upset. She can't believe he would think that such a pathetic gift would make up for what he had done. She tells him there is only one way to save their relationship. He has to become her ass slave for the entire week. Poor kenny tries to resist but Roxy threatens to end the relationship if he doesn't obey. She pulls down her lulus, kneels on the couch, and orders him to get on his knees and lick her ass. Kate and Roxy laugh hysterically as kenny obeys. Kate says she can't believe he's actually doing it. She is young, inexperienced, and has never seen anything like this before. Then Roxy announces that kenny will also be their toilet paper and he must lick and clean any of her girlfriend's asses too. Whenever kenny slacks off on his asslicking, Kate reaches forward, grabs his hair and shoves his face deep into Roxy's sexy black ass. She loves being exposed to this new method of controlling men. Great video!

AW - Kenny Gets Punished Part 2 (Ass Worship)

Now that Roxy has her piece of boyfriend completely subjugated into being her ass slave, she sits on the couch, raises her legs and commands him to come in and lick her ass. She wraps her strong legs around his head and the two girls laugh as he smothers during the process of obeying Roxy's ass licking commands. Kate is really enjoying the show and is even more surprised when Roxy orders her boyfriend onto his floor with his head back on the couch so she can sit full weight on his face. There is no doubt he is struggling under Roxy's 160 lbs (73 Kg). Roxy starts bouncing and grinding on his face in display of complete ownership of her boyfriend. She's continues to converse with sexy, young Kate and we know that it is just a matter of time before Kate will be enjoying the use of Roxy's boyfriend for her ass licking needs. You will love this video!

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