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Kandy's Big Ass And His Faceful Of FARTS - Mistress Kandy | Face Sitting Ass Worship

Kandy's Big Ass And His Faceful Of FARTS - Mistress Kandy
Kandy's Big Ass And His Faceful Of FARTS - Mistress Kandy
Mistress Kandy is a real pro and when it comes to preparing for a shoot she spends days getting things ready, including her meals the day before and the morning of the shoot. Think of all the things that make a person gassy and Kandy is indulging in these things, beans, dairy, booze, processed food, and she gets an extra thrill having her slave serve her these items knowing later she will have him behind her or below her filling his face with her nasty wet farts.

As this scene opens Kandy is looking stunning in garter and stocking and 6" stilettos and leaning on her discipline/fucking bench. "What better way to start my day than farting in a pathetic slaves face" she says. The camera pulls back and we see her slave kneeling behind her. She tells him to crawl close to spread her ass cheeks and so you can see her anus expand and release gas. The slave gets his nose close and Kandy rewards him with three hard ass blasts and it even causes her to tinkle a bit. He'll be licking that up later. In short order she delivers another 3 farts but these are more gentle but nastier to smell which makes her laugh as she tells the slave to snort them up. Now she tells him to lay on the floor with his head on the bench. She wants to hover her ass over his face for some more farts. "It's a shame I can't bottle this" she says looking at you, "You could rub it all over your face and body before going out in public." Can you imagine, Ode à la Kandy. Now she settles her ass just inches above the slaves face and gives him 4 more farts, these much more powerful. The first one actually causes the slave to jump a bit. No need to be scared, sniff that up. A bit more pee comes out. She then gives him another three farts, these the most powerful, and seals them into his face by sitting on his head.

After a short lunch break of tacos and beer Kandy moves into her playroom where the slave is in a cage waiting for her. She's not done farting just yet. She kneels on the platform and brings her ass down to his face. The camera angle from behind really presents Kandy's ass well, it's so big and luscious, and you'll be hungry for more than just her farts while watching. Good luck not coming before the full 7 minute clip has played. This time you get the up close view with the slave a bit back of the camera and her ass expands and contracts three times giving yet another trio of farts. What's that, 16 farts so far? The average person only farts 5-15 times a day and it's barely noon and Kandy is just getting warmed up. "I'm going to rest and sit on your face until I need to explode again" she tells her slave sitting down full weight on him. When ready to fart again she leans forward giving you an amazing view of her ass and pussy and in quick order produces another 4 farts... and a bit more pee. Kandy now realizes that she might have to use the slaves mouth as her toilet, no one can fart that much and not have to empty themselves at some point. "I like to dump at least 4 or 5 times a day" she says. Kandy now tells the slave to stroke his cock because it's important he always associate her farts with sexual pleasure. "Open your mouth" she warns him. Her anus is only inches from his nose and mouth and lets out three super wet farts. The slave is rock hard now and trying not to cum. "Please may I cum, Mistress?" he begs. "No" she replies and give him one last blast before leaving him there sexually frustrated and marinating in her gas.

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