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Teased And Smothered Ass Fiend - Cybill Troy | Face Sitting

Teased And Smothered Ass Fiend - Cybill Troy
Teased And Smothered Ass Fiend - Cybill Troy
Cybill Troy knows she looks great in her new tightly fitted catsuit. The clinging fabric and revealing straps leave no doubt as to the hotness of the body within and with straps from ankle to breast, a teasing amount of her smooth skin is visible.

Miss Troy knows that such glimpses can prove irresistible to many so what better fun than to give her favourite gimp a super close up view of her delightful figure in this outfit.
A super close and super teasing view that is.

Miss Troy’s gimp is about to have his breath taken away by this outfit, quite literally. With a little help from her shapely ass Cybill Troy is going to smother her gimp, again and again and again.

So close to her perfect ass, which he desires and dreams of so much, yet tormented by the proximity of his dream as it smothers and takes away any hope of breathing. Time after wonderful tormenting, time.
What could be sweeter or more frustrating than allowing the privilege of such intimate proximity, whilst denying the true contact Cybill Troy knows her gimp yearns for.

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