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Smothered Blue - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent | Face Sitting Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Smothered Blue - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent
Smothered Blue - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent
When Cybill Troy has friends over to visit, she is always a most accommodating and thoughtful hostess. She is certain to ensure that any entertainment is most suitable for not only herself but also her guest.

With her good friend Goddess Tangent visiting, Miss Troy wants to make sure an enjoyable time is had by all. With this in mind Miss Troy has her favourite gimp ready, nicely shined and restrained for the all round enjoyment of both Ladies.

The enjoyment on this occasion will be in testing out the capacity of the gimps lungs and suitability as a seat for two of the most sought after sets of buttocks in the world.

Miss Troy and Goddess Tangent waste no time in filling their gimps lungs to bursting with their delicious exhaled smoke, spent ash, precious spit and as much of their latex clad hands as possible.

Having successfully taken their gimp toy to the brink of indisposed with their devilish breath control using just their hands, hand gagging galore and copious amounts of spit produced......

Cybill Troy and Goddess Tangent decide its time to increase the stakes, fun and their entertainment..... The wonderful method of choice is....

Double ass smothering. Will the gimp survive? Its the dream of many to experience being the seat of just one of these Ladies, let alone two. Will this prove to be a push too far?

Not really the concern of either of these wonderful Mistresses. He either battles through or doesn't.

How far will their slippery toy push himself for their enjoyment? Will the gimp survive?

If their gimp does not survive then what a wonderful way to go.......

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