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Its A Good Way To Go - Cybill Troy | Face Sitting Ashtray, Spitting and Other licking

Its A Good Way To Go - Cybill Troy
Its A Good Way To Go - Cybill Troy
When it comes to choices, Cybill Troy is very generous. She allows her gimp to choose between the privilege of being smothered under her gorgeous ass or the boring habit of breathing.

Which choice will she decide for her gimp?
To allow him some valuable thinking time on the impending enjoyable predicament, Miss Troy warms up her gimp with some delightful smoke rebreathing, human ashtray indulgence & wonderful, latex glove smothering.
With her restrained gimp suitably short of breath and woozy from the smoke inhalation, Cybill Troy educates this lucky specimen in the best choice to make between lungfuls of mundane oxygen or suffering bursting lungs beneath her amazing, respiratory regulating ass.
What a great way to go!

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