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Princess Miki Punishes Her Slave - Princess Miki | Face Sitting

Princess Miki Punishes Her Slave - Princess Miki
Princess Miki Punishes Her Slave - Princess Miki
This clip contains 2 full length clips! One is a ballbusting clip and the other is an otk spanking clip. Both of these are of Princess Miki abu sing her slave both for punishment and her own amusement. Her slave endures some serious pain in both of these clips. Princess Miki knows how to punish her disobedient little bitch!

Clip 1: My ex sugar step-daddy got here late today. He was supposed to get here early, clean my house and make me coffee. Instead I had to make my own coffee and I was really annoyed. I made him strip the instant he came in then I had him lay across my lap. Then with my coffee in my hand, I spanked his bare ass over and over again. I spanked him for being such a bad slave. I spanked him until his ass turned red while I reminded him that he is completely replaceable. What a sorry loser he is. He’ll never be late again.

Clip 2: Today is my slave's lucky day. I'm going to unlock him from chastity. He's been so hard and horny locked up in his cage. He's so excited to be free. The pathetic loser though I was going to let him jerk off. Well I never promised him that lol, I just told him that I would unlock him. I have other plans for him. First I'm going to sit on his face and then I'm going to punish his balls! I spank his pathetic balls over and over and over again for being such a pathetic chronic masturbator. I really inflict some pain on him in this clip! But I think he kinda liked it because his cock was hard the whole time! He's so lucky that I even let him out to bust his balls like this. And when I'm done I make him thank me before I lock his cock back up again.

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