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Dirty Asshole Cleaner - Goddess Amelia | Face Sitting Ass Worship

Dirty Asshole Cleaner - Goddess Amelia
Dirty Asshole Cleaner - Goddess Amelia
This scene opens with Goddess Amelia on her recliner, her legs up in the air and her slave on the ground below her. "You've done such a good job cleaning the house today, do you think you can do as good a job cleaning my ass?" she asks him. The slave basically works hard at his domestic chores for the opportunity to lick Amelia's dirty ass so enthusiastically assures her he can. She tells him she likes things super clean and wants her hole to sparkle and shine when he's done. She has the slave lay on his side to service her which gives you a wonderful overhead view of her pussy and the slaves tongue as it licks and presses into Goddess Amelia's asshole. "You just can't buy asshole cleaners in a store, so that's why I have you" she tells her slave.

She starts playing with herself and gives the slave a taste from her fingers and then says it's sad there is no man there to fuck her, "I'm surrounded by nothing but ass lickers" she adds. She pushes the slave back to give you a clear view of her anus before getting on her knees so the slave can lick her from behind. The angles here are amazing as you get an upward view of her luscious fat ass while the slave eagerly attends to her hole. Now ready to relax, Amelia has the slave lay his head on the chair so she can sit on his face and rest against the back of the chair. She puts her hands back behind her head and extends herself completely, so relaxing, the slave now enveloped by her ass cheeks, the pressure of her fishnets digging into his face.

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