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A Gas You Must Inhale - Goddess Natalie | Face Sitting

A Gas You Must Inhale - Goddess Natalie
A Gas You Must Inhale - Goddess Natalie
When I woke up this morning, I was feeling extra super gasy. I thought it would go away after my morning "ritual" and going to the gym, but it apparently did not.

And since I had my slave over at my place, I figured I came up with a way for him to be useful for me. I absolutely love sitting on my little pet's face and ch*king him with my farts, my ass and pussy, until he's trying hard to breath.

There's nothing quite as exciting as having total control over a slave. That power exchange can make a Goddess like me really wet! And he was lucky enough to get to feel that wetness right on his face as I sat on it and made him swallow some of my farts.

Did I say some? Oh, there was loads of them, and some really loud, stinky ones. To spice things up a little, I made him hold his breath for me while inhaling the precious gas. I think he's totally addicted now!

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