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A Gassy Game Of Truth Or Dare - Pastel Goddess | Face Sitting Ass Worship

A Gassy Game Of Truth Or Dare - Pastel Goddess
A Gassy Game Of Truth Or Dare - Pastel Goddess
Kitten is having a date night with a girl that his BFF set up with him.

They have a brief introduction. Kitten comments she looks very similar to his best friend. The girl is very excited because he is exactly as small and dweeby as Pastel described him to be. Kitten takes her excitement as attraction and feels comforted and happy. She says she can't wait to play a fun game of truth or dare with him!

She starts by asking first: Truth or Dare? Kitten chooses dare.
She smirks and pushes out a big fart. Kitten almost immediately drops to his knees to sniff it before she even tells him what the dare is. She bursts in laughter. "Oh my god, Pastel was really not kidding about you."

Kitten feels super embarrassed and asks what she means by that. She tells him that Pastel said he's super submissive and sniffs up her farts without hesitation. Kitten denies these allegations and tries to make excuses. The girl decides to make him sniff a few more farts before his dare is over.

Kitten keeps trying to say "it's my turn now" but gets cut off by farts and his date pulling his head into her ass. Eventually she says he isn't going to get a turn and asks him Truth or Dare again.

"Truth" he says, nervously. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" He says no, but she knows he is lying and makes him sniff another fart until he admits it.

She then asks "what made you so eager to submit to women?" and she pressures him to explain that he has a small penis and has been treated like a doormat by them all his life. She keeps making him smell farts and dares him to put his tongue into her asshole. He can't say no.

Finally, she dares him to see how long he can hold his breath under her ASS.

I think eventually she gets tired of Kitten choosing truth and makes him do another dare. "I Dare you to see how long you can hold your breath under my ass." He gets on the floor and she smothers him while farting and counting up. He squirms and struggles until he is nearly out.

At this point, she calls Pastel and tells her how happy she is that Kitten is just as much of a loser as she hoped he'd be. She says he's going to keep him and eventually turn him into a full toilet. The conversation continues and the girl reveals that she had one of the keys to his chastity the whole time and it was planned from the very beginning to enslave him as a toilet.

At the end, she feeds him a delicious yellow juice which he gags on and swallows while crying. She even gives him a little shart at the end and promises her new slave a nice full dinner later on.

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