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Such Pleasure But Mainly Pain - Miss Madison | Face Sitting

Such Pleasure But Mainly Pain - Miss Madison
Such Pleasure But Mainly Pain - Miss Madison
Gorgeous Domina Miss Madison has her slave locked in her floor box and is sitting on his face as the scene opens. “Just another day of my slave” she says. She looks down on her slave and wonders aloud what she might do with him today. Since leaving him there alone doesn’t make for very good video, she decides she will walk all over him instead. “I know you’d like to spend the day under my ass” she tells him, “but I think I’m going to walk all over you instead. Miss Madison then proceeds to do just that, his head, his chest, stomach, all the way down his legs, and then on his cock and balls. She stops at that point and kicks him in the balls and uses her toes to squeeze his nuts. She also rubs the soles of her feet over his mouth and makes him stick his tongue between each toe before standing on his face.

The slave is in pain but clearly aroused and she laughs at his erect cock before stepping on it some more. “A little pain and pleasure, it should never feel too good” she tells him. Her weight certainly causes the slave a lot of pain especially as she steps on more tender parts of the body including his thighs. The slave twists and raises his legs and she orders him to lay them flat and spread them. Miss Madison literally tramples the slave everywhere and once she feels she has made him suffer enough she makes him lick his own ball sweat and precum off her feet. “I bet you wish I’d stand here like this and take a dump” she says, threatening to leave him laying there in her chocolate and nectar all-night. She finally sits on his face and says “This also doubles as a good smother box.” She just laughs as the slave soon starts to kick for air.

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